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Navratri has come and it is time to get decked up to play garba. Bright and rich coloured garba dresses create a joyous mood. The traditional look can be best carried when you complete it with makeup. Garba makeup needs to be light and simple as the dress is already vibrant in colour. Too much of makeup can spoil the elegant look. Lets check out the makeup tips for garba night. 1. Choose makeup colours which match with your dress. For eg, if you are wearing a green coloured blouse, then go for green coloured eye shadow. 2. One of the first makeup tip is to use water proof makeup products as sweat can remove the makeup and make it look unclean. Use water proof eye liner and mascara to prevent it from spreading. Always follow this makeup tip if you sweat. 4. Wash the face before starting garba makeup. Let the skin dry. Apply some moisturizer before commencing with makeup. This helps the foundation and concealer look smooth on the face even when you sweat. It is best to apply it on the face and neck. 5. Apply some powder over the moisturizer. You can also use foundation and follow it up with a compact. 6. If you have dark spots or pimple or acne scars, apply little concealer to hide the scars and follow it with a foundation. Apply it with finger tip to blend foundation and concealer on the face. 7. Doe eye makeup can look great for the garba night. Draw little thick lines with eye liner on the eyelids. 8. Eye shadow can help highlight the beautiful eyes. Choose bright colours like peacock green, blue, pink or black. As garba dresses are bright in colour, dark eye makeup will look great. 9. If your garba dress has gold or silver work, you can choose eye shadow with golden or silver shimmer. 10. Apply nude colour shiny lipgloss. Avoid applying a dark lip colour if your eye makeup is dark. Navratri Makeup Offiers, Garba Offers
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