Anaba Zaidi Makeovers

Mandi house safdar hashmi road, A3/a nabha house punjab estate mandi house, New Delhi, Delhi India - 110001

I, Anaba Zaidi, the owner of Makeup by Anaba. Based in Delhi, I have been working since 2018 & have decked-up 10 brides. Be it skin, body, hair, teeth and make-up or fitness; the market out there is filled with numerous options, enough to confuse you and most, without any personalised touch or expertise. I believe every woman is unique so we have a big panel of experts from the fashion industry to suit every taste and every budget. From your weight, body type, skin type, face cut, hair, your smile, teeth to studying your make up requirements, I will plan a stunning transformation focusing on all these areas and even more.

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